GO TV is an affordable way to make your event a unique and memorable experience. We’ll work with you to craft a detailed custom service package that achieves your goals--without busting your budget.

The Proposal Process

Initial Consultation

We begin by asking important questions: When and where is your event? Who will be attending? What kinds of activities are involved? What are your business goals? We need to know as much as possible to ensure effective presentation of the most impactful content.

Detailed Services Proposal

Once we have a clear understanding the event we put together a detailed service proposal laying out the entire production plan, specific video deliverables, and our all-inclusive price. We submit the proposal for review, then follow up at the appropriate time to provide answers to any questions.

One Low Package Price

GO TV packages are most often all-inclusive with pre and post-production costs included, along with GO TV staff travel expense. We often ask hotel accommodations be the responsibility of the client. Our ultimate goal: make the GO TV experience as simple and affordable as possible.

Frequently asked pricing and payment questions

Does GO TV make crew travel arrangements and include travel expenses in its price?

Yes, in most cases GO TV makes its own travel arrangements and includes travel expenses in the contract price.

What if my event gets cancelled or moved due to weather?

GO TV will do its best to accommodate weather delays/date changes but fully executed contracts include a non-refundable 50% deposit.

How many people will be on the GO TV team at my event?

GO TV teams are lean and efficient, as small as possible, usually between 2 and 6 people.

What are the terms of payment for GO TV services?

We require a 50% deposit and final payment within 30 days of completion of services, typically defined as the date your final show link is sent back to you.

What forms of payment does GO TV Entertainment accept?

GO TV accepts checks payable to PictureThis Entertainment and ACH payments.

Is a discount available for booking multiple events?

GO TV does give contract discounts for multi-event commitments.


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